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Wondering how to decorate Karwa Chauth thali stunningly? Check out for tips and ideas on adorning the puja plates from the following article.

Karwa Chauth Thali Decoration

Karwa Chauth thali forms an important part of Karwa Chauth puja ceremony conducted in the evening. Married women present their Karwa chauth thali with best of decoration. Karwa Chauth thali is also known by the name 'baya'. This puja thali contains chandan (sandal paste), kumkum (sacred powder), rice, pot of water and earthen lamp. During the pooja ceremony, married women form a circle around the idol of Goddess Gauri (Parvati), carrying their Karwa Chauth thali. At the end of pooja ceremony, Karwa chauth thali is presented to the oldest member of the family to bless the woman with prosperity in her marriage. In modern times, many women include sweets, dry fruits such as pista and almonds as well in their puja plates. They also decorate the thali with alpana, rangoli, flowers, pulses and leaves, to make it look impressive. If you are looking for some interesting tips to decorate your puja thali, you are in the right place. Check out the ideas given below.

Thali Decoration With Colored Powders
  • Pick best looking thali from your kitchen cupboard and clean it with a clean cloth.
  • Take out some oil from kitchen and dip an ear bud in oil. Start drawing beautiful pictures on your thali.
  • Put powder of haldi, sindoor or rangoli color on the thali and shake it well so that colored powder is proportionally spread out.
  • Turn the plate upside down to shed off surplus colored powder.
  • Now you can see a colorful design formed on your thali, ready to use for Karwa Chauth puja ceremony.
  • After the ceremony, wash the thali with warm water and wipe it.
Karwa Chauth Pooja Thali with Mirror Mosaic
  • Pick a steel plate or a ceramic/ melamine plate of your choice.
  • Take out small pieces of mirror of different shapes. Draw concentric designs, diyas or swastikas on the thali using a marker.
  • Stick mirror pieces over the design by keeping a space of nearly 1 mm between each piece of mirror.
  • Leave the thali for 5 to 6 hours.
  • Make a paste with plaster of paris and fill all the gaps.
  • Now your beautiful mirror mosaic thali is ready.
Thali Decoration with Laces
  • Pick a plain steel thali or melamine plate from your kitchen cabinet.
  • Spread out beautiful myriad colored papers and stick on the thali.
  • Now decorate your puja thali with golden laces and shimmering miniature mirror at the corner of your thali.
  • Your special lace-decorated puja thali is ready for use for the special occasion.
Thali Decoration with Velvet
  • Pick a plain steel thali from your kitchen closet.
  • Spread out a velvet cloth of any color on the thali.
  • You may add additional decors like mirrors, golden laces etc. to the velvet.
  • Now place all your puja items on it.
  • Adorn earthen lamp with gold color and neatly place it on your puja thali.
  • Now your special velvet decorated puja thali is ready for use for ceremony.
Mentioned above are some interesting thali decoration ideas. Try the one which appeals you the most and get started with your Karwa Chauth preparations.