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Karwa Chauth fast displays a woman's love for her husband. Read more to find out the significance of Karwa Chauth Fast.

Karwa Chauth Fast

Karwa Chauth is a festival which is observed by Hindu and Sikh women for the long-life of their husbands. This festival is celebrated with great zeal and vigor and the entire country sets up in the festive mood despite the regional variations. Celebrated just nine days prior Diwali, the festival falls on the fourth month of Karthik as per the Hindu calendar. In the name Karwa Chauth, 'Karwa' means an earthen pot with a spout and 'Chauth' means fourth. Though celebrated with pomp, Karwa Chauth actually signifies the strong-will of a woman, who remains without taking food or water for an entire day, for the long-life of her husband. This festival reinforces the love between married duo. Karwa Chauth pujas are conducted on the same day, where Karwa Chauth legends are narrated to a group of women by a 'pujarin' or elderly women. Amongst all the rituals, the most important part of Karwa Chauth is, undoubtedly, the fast. Scroll further and find out more interesting facts about the Karwa Chauth fast.

According to the Hindu religion, people strive for self-realization and work towards the attainment of God in all their walks of life. During one get attached to God and get enlightened. Thus, this becomes perfect time to pray for the safety, prosperity and well-being of their husband during this time. Fasting during the day helps in establishing self-control and focus. It is considered to be the perfect way of self-restraint. Fasting inculcates in you not only a sense of dedicated worship but also, self-discipline. It is a kind of training given to the body and mind to withstand all hardships and make you strong enough to persist under extreme difficulties.

Married women begin their fast from sunrise and stays without consuming food and water until moon rise. They prepare themselves for the fast by eating a pre-dawn meal i.e. sargi. After she has had sargi, women do not eat or drink anything for the rest of the day. The mornings are usually indulged in community gatherings, putting henna on hand and feet etc.

Some Tips To Follow While Fasting:
  • Don't over eat at the time of breaking the fast. Drink lots of water and eat healthy before you begin your fast.
  • It is not advisable to fast if you are put under any medication related to health problems.
  • Don't indulge in any sort of exercise during your fast. It will make your body weak.
The above write-up is a complete guide to Karwa Chauth fast. Now, prepare yourself for Karwa Chauth fast and be part of this festival.