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All the 'suhagins' eagerly wait for the auspicious occasion of Karwa Chauth. It would be thoughtful if you send a wonderful greeting card on this festival. Read further for more information on cards.

Karwa Chauth Cards

Karwa Chauth, an important Hindu and Sikh festival, holds great significance in the cultural as well as social point of view. Married women sincerely observe a complete-day fast and pray for the well-being and prosperity of her husband. This festival reinforces the love between married duos and binds them closer. On this Karwa Chauth, when your wife fasts for your health and long-life, it would be thoughtful to greet her, thus recognizing her selfless love for you. So, send her greeting card with a personalized message and that would definitely be heartwarming! Personalized cards are the best way to communicate your true feelings in its pure form and to convey wishes of the festival as well. You may send cards to your mother, daughter-in-law, sister or friend. It escalates her happiness and makes her feel on top of the world, you can bet on that! Scroll further and find out different ways of sending cards.

Festival Greetings
There were times when greetings cards were the most important way of conveying greetings on special occasions. Ready-made cards are available in the market but, if you want to send a hand-made card, then you may try making cards with hand-made paper, hard paper or thin cardboard sheets which are available in various shapes, patterns and designs. The only drawback associated with traditional cards is that since they have to travel all the way through post or courier, there is a chance of untimely delivery. In spite of this, there are wide options of traditional cards available in the greeting card galleries and there's never a limitation of choice even in this e-card era.

Karwa Chauth E-Greetings
In the modern era, people mainly involve in sending across online greeting cards for the reason that it is simpler and easer way of sending greetings. It does not pose the risk of delay and takes only a few seconds to send. Adding to your convenience, you can send the same e-card to as many recipients as you want. You may choose animated cards if you want some extra-effect and most of them are available for absolutely free of cost. These e-cards have now replaced the paper greeting system and is the more sought - after option.

Hand-Made Greeting Cards
Homemade greeting cards are very much personalized but, require time and effort. If you can afford both, nothing can be more interesting than a hand-made greeting card. These cards will indeed stay close to the recipients' hearts because of the personal touch they carry along with them. Your wife will surely cherish this card as she will feel cared and loved.

Karwa Chauth is a traditional festival that is prevalent mainly in the north and the north-western part of India. Though it is not a compulsory to exchange greeting cards on this day, they are highly appreciated. Mostly in cases when you is not there beside your family during Karwa Chauth celebrations, gifting a greeting card makes it special. Have a happy Karwa Chauth!