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Explore our website for some attractive Karwa Chauth personal care gift ideas. Your loved ones will cherish these personal care gifts that carry your touch in them.

Personal Care Gifts

Karwa Chauth is observed on the fourth day of the month of 'Karthik', nine days prior to Diwali every year. Hindu and Sikh married women in northern and north-western India ans some parts of Pakistan, have been following the tradition of Karwa Chauth with great importance ever since it began. The legend of Karwa Chauth is associated with Queen Veervati and her legendary fast. Since then, Karwa Chauth has been observed abidingly. Gifting is an important part of festivals; Karwa Chauth is no exception to that. Sending personal car eprodects conveys a message to the recipients that you truly care for them. So, please your loved ones by sending them some personal care gifts. Browse through this write-up and find some interesting gift ideas.

Karwa Chauth Personal care Gifts

Manicure Set

A manicure set comprising of nail clipper, nail file, cuticle pusher, and a nail brush would be a good pick. These tools are used to cut and shape the nails to improve their appearance. Usually, women are very particular about the nails, as dirty or broken nails can lend them a bad impression. Possessing a manicure set helps them in keeping their nails clean and well-shaped. Gift your wife/daughter a manicure set this Karwa Chauth.

Spa Gift Baskets
Spa baskets are brilliant gifts as they offer absolute relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Attending a spa is an expensive affair but, if you have some spa essentials, you can enjoy a spa in the comforts of your house. By offering a spa gift basket for Karwa Chauth, you are actually gifting your near and dear ones with an opportunity to enjoy health spa in their homes!

Makeup Kits
Makeup kits are welcomed by all women and are the coolest items to offer as gifts. Many leading cosmetics brands such as Revlon, Lakme, Maybelline, L'Oreal, etc. have a large variety of makeup kits. These are readily available and can easily be gift wrapped and sent. This is definitely a perfect Karwa Chauth gift to send to your wife, sister or daughter.

Body Care Gifts
A set or boxes of organic soaps are exceptional gifts items. You can also opt for a body care gift basket consisting of natural body lotions, natural soaps, lip balms, moisturizing lotions and other products, which help your friends or family maintain a healthy lifestyle. What could be a better Karwa Chauth gift than this?

Perfumes and Fragrances
Perfumes and fragrances are some inevitable personal care items. Choosing the perfect fragrance is sure to make their day. On this occasion of Karwa Chauth, gift your loved ones with some wonderful fragrances that will enliven their spirits.