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Find some excellent gift ideas and delight your dear ones with some attractive jewelry on Karwa Chauth this year.

Jewelry Gifts

Karwa Chauth is an auspicious day, where married women offer prayers and observe fasts for the long lives and prosperity of their husbands. Karwa Chauth celebrations include observing fast, applying henna, exchanging sweets and gifts, wearing new clothes, performing pujas, narrating Karwa Chauth legends and feasting. When your beloved dedicates an entire day for festivities, prayers and Pujas for your welfare and long life, don't you think she deserves an amazing gift? Yes, she does! Jewelry is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about gifting something to women. Be it a pendant, diamond ring, pearl set, stones, bangles or necklaces, these jewelery options are sure to delight your dear ones. Imagine the glow on her face when you offer this gift. Here are some exciting jewelry gift ideas for you to try on this Karwa Chauth.

Karwa Chauth Jewelry Gift Ideas

Gold Necklaces
Isn't it an excellent idea to gift a gold necklace to your wife or sister for Karwa Chauth? A present suited for any occasion, gold necklaces are great gifting. You have plenty of options like white gold necklaces, designer necklaces, gold rope necklaces and so on. Get ready to surprise your sister or wife on the auspicious day of Karwa Chauth.

Diamond Pendants
There is nothing more fitting than gifting your loved ones exquisite diamond jewelery on the auspicious day of Karwa Chauth. Consider gifting a diamond pendant for your dear ones. Nothing matches the beauty, elegance and design of a diamond. You get various options such as diamonds in white gold, gold, silver and three tones.

Pearl Necklace
How about presenting a pearl necklace to your beloved? Available in new designs and patterns, pearl jewelry is making a huge comeback in fashion. You can find ample options like simple white pearls, multi-coloured pearls, black pearls and golden pearls. Superior quality pearls embedded in gold last for decades and is the perfect gift option for Karwa Chauth.

Gold Ring Or Earring
Think about gifting an attractive gold ring as a Karwa Chauth gift to your wife that makes her recall your engagement day? Rings are such gifts that fit as the perfect gift option for any occasion. So gifting one this Karwa Chauth is an excellent idea. Presenting a studded ear ring is also a good idea. You get plenty of options in earrings and studs in varied colors and patterns.