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Karwa Chauth is a popular festival celebrated in India in the month of 'Karthik'. Giving gifts to your spouse is an important part of this festival. Read on to find some interesting gift ideas.

Karwa Chauth Gifts

The tradition of handing out gifts to family members, especially during festivals, is an important part of the Indian culture. The festival celebration is incomplete without the distribution of gifts among loved ones. Karwa Chauth is also an important festival celebrated by married/committed Indian Hindu and Sikh women, with great zest and enthusiasm. On this occasion, married women observe fast from morning till the moon rises in the evening. The first Karwa Chauth of the new bride is the most memorable one and here the gifting plays a very significant role in the whole Karwa Chauth celebrations. Sargi and Baya are two such gifting items given on the first Karwa Chauth, from mother-in-laws and from mother respectively. The husbands also gift their brides with spectacular gifts. Exchanging of gifts spreads joy during the festival of Karwa Chauth. Take the pleasure in gifting your family members with these Karwa Chauth gift ideas.

Kitchenware And Home Appliances
Several utensils are available in the markets, which are perfect for gifting during Karwa Chauth. Cookware, tea sets, porcelain dinner sets, cutlery sets, microwave ovens, blenders, coffee makers, sandwich makers, iron boxes and vacuum cleaners can be gifted on this occasion.

Home Decor
Attractive door hangings, floral bed sheets, beautifully patterned key holders, wooden art works, antique sets and colorful wall hangings will brighten up the houses with vibrant colors. These are perfect to gift on an occasion like Karwa Chauth.

Women love jewelry. Gifting exotic jewelry of elegant styles will definitely make their day. Earrings, bangles and necklaces made of pearls, gold, platinum, or silver is much appreciated by all women. Jewelry box is also a memorable gift to a new bride on her first Karwa Chauth.

Fancy boxes containing traditional Indian Sweets like ghee sweets, dry fruits sweets, mewa sweets, kaju barfi, laddoos, son papdi and mathris as well as, handcrafted baskets or hardboards containing pista, cashew, raisin, almonds and nuts can be gifted.

Designer saris of faux fabric, net material, viscose, silk, tissue in several colors are available in shops. Heavy bridal lehengas adorned with stones is an ideal gift for a new bride.

Karwas or pots made of steel, clay brass or silver and ornamented with stones and beautiful carvings are perfect to adorn the interiors and hence, form ideal gifts for this festival.

God Idols
God figures ranging from small to big sizes, handcrafted marble plates with God pictures, idols carved in wood, brass, silver or gold coated and glass frames with God prints are auspicious to gift on Karwa Chauth.

Suhag trays containing traditional adornments like Kumkum, fancy bindis, mehendi cone, colorful bangles are perfect to be gifted to a new bride. Puja thalis can also be gifted to the women.

Several traditional items and eatables are gifted during the auspicious festival of Karwa Chauth. There is a high demand for Karwa Chauth articles, and therefore the market is flooded with a variety of items suitable for gifting. So gift your loved ones, using these gift ideas and spread happiness on the prosperous occasion of Karwa Chauth.