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Surprise your dear ones with fabulous home furnishing gifts on this Karwa Chauth. Read on to find out attractive home furnishing gift ideas suitable for this occasion.

Home Furnishing Gifts

Karwa Chauth is a well-known festival celebrated all over India. On this auspicious occasion, married Hindu women fast whole-day and offer prayers to God for their husbands' long-lives and happiness. Fasting begins from dawn and continues till dusk, and is broken by taking a sip of water offered to them by their husbands. The festival of Karwa Chauth strengthens the bond between husband and wife. The tradition of gifting is an essential feature of all Indian festivals and Karwa Chauth is no exception. Gifts are given to the women of the family by their husbands as a token of love and respect. Here are some of the exquisite home-furnishing gift ideas for Karwa Chauth.

Karwa Chauth Home Furnishing Gift Ideas
  • Home furnishings are the best gifts that you can send to your loved ones on the holy occasion of Karwa Chauth. Articles that last for a reasonable length of time are preferred for this event, as these gifts stand-out and will be remembered for years to come.
  • Colorful wall hangings and door hangings are popular decorative gifting items. Key holders made of brass or wood are durable and useful for a house.
  • Designed 'karwa' pots made of clay, brass or silver can also be a lovely addition to a house.
  • Glass paintings and wooden, framed paintings of flowers or any other abstract art-works will look picture-perfect on your bare walls.
  • Showpieces made out of wood, brass or silver can be placed on your shelves. Crystal showpieces are attractive and its unique beauty can light up an entire room.
  • Electric lamps provide ample light and ambience for a house. These are some perfect decorative items for houses.
  • Colorful scented candle lamps now come in several designs and shapes, and when lit, these candles emanate a lovely aroma around the house. Designed candle holders are also beautifully ornamented and can be placed in all rooms of the house.
  • Elegantly designer carpets, rugs and doormats, add style and color to boring rooms. These are available in several patterns and materials.
  • Book-ends come in various colors and styles. Some book-ends come with figurines, to match any book shelf. You can choose the one that complements your book shelf at home.
  • Photo frames are great gifting options. Antique and patterned photo frames, are a few of the many sophisticated photo frames available.