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On the occasion of Karwa Chauth, send your dear ones in India, some cool Karwa Chauth gift hampers from our web store.

Gift Hampers

The festival of Karwa Chauth is marked by a strict observation of fasts, by Hindu and Sikh married women, for the well-being and long lives of their husbands. This festival is an example of the strong-will of women, who don't hesitate to take up any hardship for the good of their husbands. Exchanging gifts among family members and close relatives during this occasion is a common practice. The mother-in-law is expected to offer the daughter-in-law some gifts and so are the parents of the married woman. During the puja, the women who come together also share some gifts. Gift hamper is a wonderful gifting idea. There are different types of gift hampers; you may choose one according to your taste and budget. Given below are some ideas.

Gift Hampers for Karwa Chauth

Dry Fruits Gift Hampers

Offering 'Sargi' to the daughter-in-law is customary to the occasion of Karwa Chauth. 'Sargi' refers to the rich and scrumptious food that mothers-in-law offer to their daughters-in-law before they begin the fast. Dry fruits are high in nutritive value and can curb the appetite for a long time. Therefore, gifting an assortment of cashew nuts, pistachios, dry apricots, almonds and raisins, can be the best gift hamper for a daughter-in-law for the occasion of Karwa Chauth.

Sweets Gift Hampers
No Indian festival is complete without sweets. Sweets are offered as 'Prasad' (sacred food) to the gods and are also good choice of gift. A Hamper full of delectable variety of sweets can win anyone's heart! On this festival of Karwa Chauth, offer your loved ones with some irresistible and mouthwatering gift hampers, comprising of a mixed variety of traditional sweets such as Laddoos, Kaju Barfis and even Soan Papdi!

Chocolate Gift Hampers
Chocolates are perhaps the finest gifts ever! If you want to please your loved ones with an astounding gift on this occasion, present them with a collection of appetizing chocolates, packed in a hamper. Chocolates are easy to gift as and are available in great varieties.

Personalized Gift Hampers
Make a gift hamper with all those things that you think will be adored by the person you care for so much. Everything, from chocolates and sweets added to a hamper full of body care products with a personal note form personalized gift hampers. If you know about the likes and dislikes of the person, you may think about innovative hampers; but if you are not aware of that, then it is better to stick to neutral options like sweet hamper or chocolate hamper, to be on a safer side.