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This year, on Karwa Chauth, send flower gifts out to India. Think of how surprised your loved ones would be when they receive most beautiful gift from nature's lap.


Karwa Chauth has many stories. One of the more famous stories is that of a queen called Veervati. It is believed that Veervati, with her immense faith and enormous love for her husband restored her husband life. Legend has it that she observed Karwa Chauth fast to bring her husband back to life and since then, married or even committed women observe this fast for the longevity of their husband. Karwa Chauth fast is indeed very difficult to observe but women, with their strong will, endure all difficulties for their husbands. Such women deserve appreciation. So, this Karwa Chauth, send some beautiful flowers to your dear and near who observes Karwa Chauth. Read on to know about the different flowers you can send to your loved ones for Karwa Chauth this year.

Flower Gifts for Karwa Chauth


Carnations are lovely flowers that come in a variety of beautiful colors. These flowers come in block colors as well as in striped patterns. They are wonderful gifts to give your family to add color to the festival of Karwa Chauth.

Roses are an age old favorite and splendid gifts to give to your family to add a dash of vibrancy and freshness to the festivities. These flowers symbolize love, hope and purity depending on their color. Send rose bouquets to your loved ones this year for the festival of Karwa Chauth.

Bird Of Paradise (Crane Flower)
'Bird of Paradise' is an exotic species of flowers that are rarely found in India. They are beautiful and unique gifts to send to your family for the festival of Karwa Chauth. These lovely orange flowers with specks and hints of purple and green are sure to make your beloved's day. These flowers symbolize joy and paradise and are perfect Karwa Chauth gifts.

These are stunning flowers that come in a variety of hues and different shades. Gerberas are great for those who don't like the scent of flowers as these flowers do not have any fragrance. They symbolize innocence and purity. Send these lovely Gerberas to your family for Karwa Chauth this year.

Orchids are wonderful treat to eyes and are classy gifts. Perfect foe any occasion, an orchid bouquet would add grace to the festivities. This Karwa Chauth, pick up an orchid sheaf and send to your beloved who is observing fast for you or to your friend or family who celebrate Karwa Chauth.