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This Karwa Chauth, send dry fruit gifts to your family anywhere in India. Surprise your loved ones this year by sending them some special, Karwa Chauth dry fruits!

Dry Fruits Gifts

The auspicious festival of Karwa Chauth is round the corner! On this particular day, women fast for the health and prosperity of their husbands. Their fast starts at sunrise and ends at dusk. Karwa Chauth did not exactly begin with fasting for husbands. It started off as a festival that marked the bond between the bride and her friend. But, with passing of time, it acquired new dimensions and became a festival celebrating the love between husband-wife duos. Fasting for the husband, came at a much later stage, perhaps to boost the festival and also to add to the mythical stories that have played a huge role in this aspect of the festival. However, this festival is celebrated with great gusto today and consequently, the importance of sending gifts also increased. As this festival is related to fasting, it is better that you send something that keeps your beloved healthy and fit for such a bug task. Hence, sending dry fruits are highly recommended. Read further for more information.

Karwa Chauth Dry Fruits Gifts


Almonds are great to send to those who are health conscious. Almonds are also an important ingredient used in sweets and in most cases, is given to the daughter-in-laws in the form of 'Sargi' for Karwa Chauth by their mother-in-laws. Rich in nutrients, these are great to send your beloved who is observing Karwa Chauth fast.

Cashew Nuts
Cashew nuts have high calorie content and are great to give as part of the customary 'Sargi'. These dry fruits, which are rich in magnesium, will help your beloved to endure the herculean fast. So, send a basket of cashew to your family for Karwa Chauth this year.

These dry fruits are simply great, whether when eaten raw or when added to desserts. Pistachios are a good source of protein and also help in stabilizing blood sugar levels. Send these dry fruits to your friends and family who are observing fast during this Karwa Chauth.

These sweet, dried grapes taste great and are even used to make many Indian desserts. Try sending these along with other dry fruits for some variety. These yummy dry fruits are great excellent source of iron and are rich in anti-oxidants and help you beloved remain healthy even while observing the fast.