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Celebrate Karwa Chauth by sending Chocolates to dear ones. Check out some interesting options in the following article.


Karwa Chauth is a festive occasion for married women. They keep fast throughout the day for their beloved husband. Apart from observing fast, the festivity also involves elaborate dinner after women break their fast. Generally, husband offer sweets to wife and ends the fast. So, women who love chocolates so much can have chocolate to break the fast. Chocolates are timeless gift for any celebration, including Karwa Chauth. There are different varieties of chocolates to devour your taste buds. What's more- they are beautifully packed in boxes, baskets and gift hampers. You can specially choose chocolate hamper for young brides as they would appreciate this wonderful present from you on Karwa Chauth day. Scroll down to know more about Karwa Chauth chocolate gifts.

Karwa Chauth Chocolate Gifts
  • As there is a wide range of chocolates, you can pick assorted chocolate gift hamper that includes most varieties such as plain, mix nuts, roasted almond and mint.
  • Chocolate truffles make great gift on any festive occasion. They are available in various shapes and sizes. Gift hamper of chocolate truffles include creamy fruit n nut, nougat crisp, coffee truffle, orange caramel duet, and peanut crunch. You may even present single chocolate variety such as delicious mint flavored chocolates.
  • If your wife loves chocolates, shower her with chocolate gift hamper after she breaks her fast. Milk chocolates are creamy, smooth and simply tempestuous. Your beloved would love to binge after long day fast.
  • Dark chocolates are quite tasty with flavor ranging from spicy, floral, nutty, and caramel to fruits. They make fabulous gift to present to your dear ones on the festive occasion.
  • If you want to add personal touch to your gift, then you may like to try homemade chocolates. You can prepare chocolates by your hand at home. You need not have to worry if you do not know how to make one. There are plenty of recipes available online. Pick a chocolate that your dear ones love and start preparations right away. Don't forget to wrap it in beautifully decorated gift hamper. This will certainly be special as your beloved would appreciate the amount of effort and affection you have put into making these chocolates.
  • Sending chocolate gift hamper would be great for those members of family and friends who live far away from your city. You can send Karwa Chauth greeting with chocolate gift hamper on this festive occasion. They will be delighted to receive gift from far away as it would be different feeling altogether for them.
  • So, wish your dear ones "Happy Karwa Chauth" with gift hamper full of chocolates. Your present will surely bring smile on your near and dear ones.